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Frequently Asked Questions

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Membership FAQs

1. How do I change my mailing address or name?

Call 250-652-5752 or 1-877-652-5752 or email membership@peninsulaco-op.com

2. Can a business or community organization become a Peninsula Co-op member?

Yes. Select the business name check-box or provide the organization name on the online Application Form and complete all required information. Community organizations often find a Peninsula Co-op membership a great way to raise funds through purchases made by their members.

To learn more about our services for commercial customers, contact our Commercial Petroleum Manager at 250-652-3212 or 1-877-333-3933.

3. What if I forget my membership number or my receipt has the wrong number?

Call 250-652-5752 or 1-877-652-5752 or mail membership@peninsulaco-op.com with the information attached about the error so we can correct your record.

TIP: Create a contact in your mobile phone called “Peninsula Co-op” and include your member number for easy reference. Or, ask for a window decal at a gas centre to put on your car window so it’s easily visible.

4. How do I transfer or close a membership?

To transfer an existing membership to another person, business or organization; complete the Application for Transfer of Equity form and supply all required documentation listed on the form.

If you have moved out of Peninsula Co-op’s trading area you cannot transfer your membership to a different Co-op, as each Co-op maintains their own membership list.

To close your membership simply complete the Application for Withdrawal of Equity.

5. When does my membership become effective?


6. Can I buy a membership for someone else?

Of course! The process is exactly the same, either online or at one of our sites. You will need the person’s first and last name, address, phone number and social insurance number (the new member can phone us with their social insurance number).

7. Can you tell me how many litres of fuel I purchased last calendar year?

We don’t track litres of fuel. We only collect the dollar value in order to calculate your rebate. If you need to track how many litres of fuel you purchase, your best bet is to keep your receipts.

8. Who do I contact if my question is not listed?

Call 250-652-5752 or 1-877-652-5752 or email membership@peninsulaco-op.com.

Rebate FAQs

1. When will I get my first rebate?

Rebates are paid in December by cheque. Your Co-op’s fiscal year runs from April to March and your rebate includes purchases made during that period.

For example, if you joined Peninsula Co-op in May of this year, your first rebate will be paid in December of next year

2. How long do I have to cash my rebate cheque?

Cheques can be cashed for six months from the date of issue. Financial institutions consider them stale dated after six months and the cheque cannot be deposited.

Cheques not cashed within six months will be cancelled and returned to your member shares.

Stale dated cheques cannot be used for purchases at Peninsula Co-op or Save-On Gas locations.

3. Can I use my rebate at Peninsula Co-op or Save-On Gas?

A rebate cheque of $100 or less can be used for purchases at any Peninsula Co-op Gas Centre, the Food Centre, Home Heating or Save-On Gas locations.

Staff will ask you for identification when cashing your rebate cheque.

4. Why didn’t I receive a cheque?

Did you move? If we have an incorrect address, no rebate will be sent out.

When did you join? Our rebates are paid in December, for the previous fiscal year (April to March). If you joined after March, you won’t get a rebate until the next December.

Peninsula Co-op issues cheques for rebates greater than $20. Rebates under $20 will be added to your membership shares.

At current allocation and payout rates, members only need to spend approximately $620 per fiscal year to receive a rebate cheque of over $20.

5. Can my spouse/partner/relative cash my rebate cheque?

No, only the person whose name is on the cheque can cash it. That’s also why you’ll have to show ID to use it, we don’t want anyone else to be able to cash your cheque.

6. Why don’t I receive all of my rebate in cash?

Your rebate is the in the form of membership shares.

The Board of Directors reviews the financial position of the Co-op each year and decides how much of these membership shares can be paid out to member-owners and how much will need to be retained to finance operations and ensure on-going success.

The amounts paid in cash and the amounts allocated to shares are detailed on the Statement of Allocation, Ownership & Membership Rebate which is provided with each year’s rebate cheque.

7. What purchases are included when calculating my rebate?

Purchases made at the Co-op Food Centre, Gas and Convenience Centres, Home Heating, Cardlock and participating Save-On Gas locations are included in your rebate.

The Statement of Allocation, Ownership & Membership Rebate reports the purchases made in each category and the allocation rates.

Purchases of Co-op Gift cards are not included in your rebate calculation; however, purchases made when redeeming Co-op gift cards would be eligible.

8. Can I go online and check my account for the purchases I have made?

Unfortunately, our database isn’t set up to do that.

9. Why is the fuel rebate different from the grocery rebate?

The percentages are reviewed each year and may change as a result of the Co-op’s financial performance.

10. Is my membership rebate taxable?

Canada Revenue Agency requires a 15% withholding tax for patronage allocations over $100.

Purchases for personal use are not taxable and the tax withheld can be claimed back using box 22 of your T4A.

T4As are mailed separately and are issued early in the calendar year.

11. Who do I contact if my question is not listed?

Call 250-652-5752 or 1-877-652-5752 or email membership@peninsulaco-op.com

Peninsula Co-op, Head Office, #1-2132 Keating X Rd. Saanichton, BC V8M 2A6

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